Brian Butch Satellite Camps 

If you are looking for a great way to positively influence your basketball program and entire community this summer, consider hosting a Brian Butch day camp, hosted right in your own school gym. Brian and his staff come to your school gym and deliver top notch fundament instruction, motivational thoughts, team bonding activities, and of course Brian shares his experiences playing the game at all levels.

Our satellite camps are offered over a four hour, six hour or 8-hour day. We also offer multiple day camps as well with the same format of 4 hours, six hours or eight hours. Brian and his staff will work with you on our camp schedule, plan, and breaks to ensure it meets your needs.

Interested schools have two options to host this camp: a per-camper fee, or a flat fee.

Option 1: Per Camper Fee:  This option the camper will pay the fees based on the length of the camp. (30 campers is the minimum). Your program/school/community is encouraged to charge an appropriate fee above our costs, which in turn generates funds for your program. This is the only option where you can add a fee to the cost of camp to generate a fundraiser for your program. All registrations will be handled online on our website.

*Schools can also increase camp prices to add a fundraiser aspect

Option 2: Flat Fee for Set Teams:  This option allows a host school’s booster club to pay a flat rate for hosting Brian and their staff. This option is set up for such situations such as a high school program wanting to offer a camp for their varsity team or their whole high school program. We have also used this format for youth programs wanting to offer a special camp/clinic for one or two of their grade classes. Our pricing on this varies based on the number of kids, the more kids the more flexibility we have. Our minimum number for this as well is 30 kids. This option the school must take care of registration and organizing the agreed upon number of participants.For more information contact Brian Butch or Logan Flora (Satellite Camp Director) 

Contact Info: 

Brian Butch: 920-858-1241 or 920-636-1812

Logan Flora: 920- 284-1658